What Do Animal Foster Homes Do?


Foster homes are used to increase adoptions, and help eliminate the euthanasia of healthy, adoptable dogs and cats in Kentucky.  Foster homes allow our facility to rescue homeless animals from a variety of situations by providing these animals with temporary care and shelter until they are adopted.  Foster homes are asked to provide animals with plenty of love, adequate food and water, shelter from the elements, and exercise.  Administering medication may also be necessary.  In addition to providing the basics, foster homes may also be asked to transport foster animals to veterinary appointments and adoption events.  Depending on the individual policies for each rescue partner, foster homes will likely be reimbursed for supplies, such as food, litter and toys, and for any veterinary costs incurred in the care of the animal.  Foster homes play a crucial role in rehabilitating rescued animals.  They are in a unique position to help abused or neglected animals learn how to love and trust again.  Foster homes can help these animals become more "adoptable" by providing socialization and basic training.  By teaching or re-teaching an animal how to live ina home seting, foster homes help increase the odds for a smooth and sucessful transition into a permanent adoptive home.  In teh case of orphaned baby animals, foster homes provide surrogate parenting and round-the-clock care for tiny animals that are too young to survive on their own.  By providing orphaned animals with plenty of nutrition, love, and stimulation during their first eight weeks of life, foster homes ensure their health and survival as adults.  What do foster homes do?


Any way you look at it, FOSTER HOMES SAVE LIVES!


For more information, contact our Foster Coordinator at 270-804-8252