If you have lost your animal, please call to file a lost report. Check our Available Animals, we are now including “strays” on that page. We are encouraging the community to “shelter in place” with strays, please check out our Facebook page for posts regarding found animals in the community. 


If you have found an animal or need to rehome your pet, we are desperately requesting you “shelter in place” with that animal. We are closed for non-emergency intakes at this time. The shelter can provide food and supplies until you can locate the owner or a new home. Please post the animal to our Facebook timeline so we can help spread the word or check out Adopt-a-Pets rehoming tool at (https://rehome.adoptapet.com). Spay/neuter/vaccine assistance can be provided once the ban on non-essential procedures has been lifted. Please email us at mayfieldshelterassistance@gmail.com